Throwback. Right before I made to execute the biggest transformation in my life.

I don’t want to be too hasty. Let every single thing flow slowly and smoothly.


I randomly went to a record store this afternoon, and saw these two… I enjoyed listening to every single song they have made. So as a fan, I felt the urge to appreciate their (hard) works simply by purchasing their cds. It’s kind of late though, yet better late than never :)

At times like these, I wonder if you ever think of me. With rue my heart is laden, realizing that you’re so far away and unattainable.

Looking too closely

Put your arms around somebody else
And don’t punish yourself
The truth is like blood underneath your fingernails
You don’t wanna hurt yourself
By looking too closely

If only one of us has the guts tonight to against ourselves. Getting the courage to cross the room, and see if something might happen between us.

Well I do want something to happen. How about you?

I am really in the mood of throwing back to 2012, when I had to go to Manggar Village in Balikpapan, East Borneo to do a compulsory community service program. And I miss these fellas so bad. I know it was the hardest 38 days ever in my life, but still since then I considered them as my third big family. Introducing my community service fellas, there should be 21 persons in the picture, but 3 friends were not able to join this photoshoot because they had to stay at their hometowns at that time. I am glad and proud of these buddies. I wish I could have another opportunity to work with them as a team to educate more people, or even to educate this nation in the future.

So I was on my way driving back home, and I stopped right behind the green space for bikers on a T junction somewhere nearby the cinema in my town. It was showering that night and at first neither bike or motorbike was occupying the place in front of me. And surprisingly that white Honda Jazz drove along preceeding other bikers’ way and then stopped right in front of the bikers’ place like a boss. That was really stupid, moron, careless! I hate that. I wonder how he/she could get the license:(


sigur rós

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Picturesque scene of one fine muted afternoon


Send your dreams where nobody hides
Give your tears to the tide
No time

There is no end, there is no goodbye
Disapppear with night
No time

How I love sour candies so much. But this one is not as sour as Sour+ 😁




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